Questions after suspects arrested alive later reported dead by DCI

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Sunday posted a story on its Twitter account, customary to their way of reporting crime stories, with a pronounced title written: “Two gangsters shot dead, firearms and Sh.1.13M recovered.”

There was nothing to it, DCI are world famous for their creative ways of reporting the heroics of their officers on the frontline.
But Minutes later, they pulled down the post and reposted it with different lead images, a peculiar action from the investigative branch.

In the initial post, two images were used showing the legs of the two suspected gangsters, one with camel brown shoes and black trousers while the other one had black socks with beige trousers.

The second post had two rifles, 18 rounds of ammunition and a wad of cash wrapped in rubber bands.

In the comment section however, is where the boat started to rock when a tweep posted an image of two men, whose attires perfectly fit the images seen in the DCI post asking; “Hii hekaya itanuka my friends. Are you familiar with this photo?”
The men in the image, now believed to be the gunned down suspects, were sitting on the ground, tied to one handcuff and surrounded by a number of police officers clad in army fatigues.

With more antennas now seemingly triggered, the comment section flooded with questions as many protested that something was not adding up.

Speculation that police officers were responsible for the duo’s death started boiling up, many citing it as the reason why the lead images were changed and also the lack of a reasonable explanation of how the suspects met their deaths.

DCI, in the story, reported that the suspects were gunned down after a “fierce shootout with police officers” in Kigumo area, Murang’a county on Sunday morning.

Tweeps then demanded an explanation on how the two, now believed to be the suspects, were handcuffed as seen in the images and then later got into a shootout with officers.

DCI has remained tight-lipped on the matter as more questions arise on the story that has since been termed sceptical.

DCI says the two were part of a 6-man gang that has been on police radar.

The gang is said to have stolen an AK-47 rifle from a police officer on February 25, 2023, which was recovered after the shootout.

Are the two men in handcuffs are the same ones reported dead? Well, let’s hope the god folks at DCI will give us another thread explaining.

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