Suspect begs for Kshs 2k cash bail saying ‘Wife will be taken away by others’ if jailed for long

A security guard facing assault charges left an Eldoret court in stitches after demanding that the presiding judge Keynes Odhiambo, buy him ugali as well as begging for a lenient sentence.
Japheth Olindo told the judge that he hadn’t eaten his favourite meal, ugali, since his arrest.
Olindo, who claimed to be on the verge of fainting from hunger, told the judge that unless he ate something, he would be unable to follow the proceedings.
The judge, on the other hand, informed him that while he would deliver his verdict first, he would buy him lunch before leaving the courtroom.
He denied assaulting three people in Turbo’s Sugoi neighbourhood on Friday, March 10 and asked the court to release him on Ksh.2,000 cash bail.
He told the judge that if he went to prison for too long, his wife would be taken away by others.
He was eventually released on a cash bail of Ksh.10,000. His case will be heard on Thursday, March 16. 

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